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Crystal Consultation Service

Are you interested in working with crystals, but feel overwhelmed at the many choices to select from?  Want to learn more about crystals, their benefits and how to use them in your everyday life?

This consultation is designed to reveal the crystals that are most beneficial for you at this time. We will work together to find which crystal elements would be the most helpful for balancing, healing and embodying your chosen destiny path.

You will receive a detailed consultation form to fill out and within 48-72 hours of returning the form, a tailor made report based on your individual needs, specifically addressing your concerns - intuitively chosen by Holly - will be sent to you by email.  You will also receive crystal suggestions based on your zodiac sign, full explanation of the healing properties of chosen crystals, as well as details on how to use your crystals and the best ways to cleanse them.

You can also choose to add two customized crystal healing bracelets to your order that will be delivered to you by courier. Bracelets are handcrafted by Holly with the chosen stones, made with intention and cleansed with white sage.

Start healing with crystals today!

This service is strictly confidential, your information is kept private and never shared with anyone.

About Holly Holistic

The UAE’s first homegrown holistic brand for beautiful, magical souls was established in 2016. Our big focus is on self-love, as it’s a big part of our healing journey. Self-love is going to be your best friend during times of healing and transition. Holly Holistic was created because YOU are the most important person in your life and we want to share all the best tools that can help you love yourself more and keep your vibrational field strong against negativity. If you protect the seed that is trying to sprout within you, you will heal faster. At Holly Holistic, we believe positive energy can calm even the most anxious mind and radiate love.

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Aura Photography And Analysis

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